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Stickers are undoubtedly a powerful marketing tool.
If you are looking for an easy and fun way to convey your image, here are 4 good reasons why stickers should be part of your marketing:

    1. Stickers are a fun and unique way to market your products or services
    2. They can be placed almost anywhere:
      on cars, laptops, phones, etc.
    3. They can be customized to fit your brand image
    4. People love stickers and will be more likely to remember your business if you give them as gifts

But what many clubs, professionals or associations don't realize is how affordable they are. .


However, for it to be effective, the professional sticker must be designed with great care.
Here are some tips for successful professional stickers.

- Find the best combinations as for the format, the printing, the colors… so that the final result is optimal and consistent with the identity of your company.

- The format and sticker size are very important details to which special attention should be paid. Depending on your objectives, you will know a priori better orient yourself in this regard.
In any case, you will have the choice between the standard cut shapes namely the square, the triangle, the round or oval shape and the custom shapes.

- For the choice of the material to be used, different options are possible.
You can either opt for paper or either for adhesive vinyl.
Paper stickers are the most common, as they are the most economical models on the market.
The downside with these types of stickers is that they wear out very quickly.
We have chosen to only manufacture vinyl stickers because they are more durable and resistant to UV, weather, washing... 

- Another very important point on which you will have to look to make your professional stickers successful is the graphical charter.
To do this, the ideal is to bet on simplicity with a eye-catching visual, which captures the attention at first glance.
The design must be thought out so that the sticker highlights your brand.
In addition, you must ensure that the message on the sticker is clearly legible and understandable.
Our graphics team is at your disposal to help you. 

Vinyl sticker printing is a great way to add excitement to your marketing efforts. 

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