Questions and answers

Q: What are our deadlines Delivery ?

A: The order preparation time for items in stock is max. 2 working days.
Custom stickers require a max. of preparation & manufacture of 10 working days max. We print once a week on a 1,30 m wide professional printer) 

Concerning stickers weighing less than 20 grams, they can only be sent exclusively, with no possible alternative, by LETTER mail by LA POSTE in all countries.

Normally, the postal delivery time (green stamp) in France is 2 or 4 days depending on the area and 6 to 15 days in Europe
Our predictable delivery time in working days max. in France, after placing your order:

2 days Max. of preparation + 2 to 4 days Max. postal delivery.

As the mail is the responsibility of the postal services, delivery times can only be indicative and may be extended depending on the operation of the various postal processing centers (strikes, end-of-year celebrations, holidays, etc.) 


Q: What to do in case of late delivery?

A: If 2 or 3 days after the expected delivery time you have not received your order, contact us by email: making sure to specify your order number 

We will respond to you by e-mail within 24/48 hours (working days).


Q: What happens to the images of your personalized items?

A: All images are removed from the site after sending and stored on an external hard drive for possible re-printing.
They are destroyed after 6 months.